How to Get Credit Card Relief in 2019

2019 credit card debt relief programs

Credit Card Debt Relief – Why it’s so important to understand:

2019 has not arrived yet, but when it does credit card debt will be well above the highest it has ever been. Right now in 2018, credit card debt has spiked to an all-time high and interest rates have gone up 4 times over the course of the year.

Business Insider recently reported the following:

“According to a study by WalletHub, Americans owed more than $1 trillion in credit card debt in January 2018, for the first time in US history.

Delinquency rates on credit cards have fallen sharply since their peak at 6.77% in 2009, but data from the Federal Reserve Bank of Saint Louis (FRED) reveals that those numbers have been slowly creeping upward recently.”

Here at we’ve spent several months researching what the best credit card debt relief options are, so by the time 2019 hits, consumers are ready to get out of debt and not continue to increase the U.S. total debt amount.

If you can’t afford to stay current on credit card payments, here are your best debt relief options: 

  1. Debt validation is for third-party debt collection accounts. If you can’t afford your credit card payments then eventually your accounts will go to third-party debt collection status. Banks are so fraudulent in 2018 and are only becoming more corrupt, so because of this, you can use a program called debt validation which lets you dispute your debt. You are not saying that you didn’t spend the money, but what validation does is forces your creditors to prove that they are abiding by the federal laws, which they almost never are doing! Companies like Citadel, Actify and Golden Financial, all offer debt validation programs.
  2. Debt settlement lets you reduce the balances on each of your credit cards by as much as 60%, then after adding in debt settlement company fees, you end up paying around 70% of your debt back. Most settlement companies charge between 15%-20% of the total debt amount that you enroll in the plan. Don’t use a company that charges more than this and make sure whatever debt settlement company you choose is one that only charges a fee after your debt is settled, which is required by the Federal Trade Commission rules and regulations.

If you are current on payments, here are your best debt relief options to get out of credit card debt fast:

Dave Ramsey is a true expert on how to get out of credit card debt, and he recommends the debt snowball method. Here Dave explains how to do the debt snowball method:

Inside the Debt Blog, owned by Golden Financial Services, an article highlights the debt snowball option at #1. Golden Financial Service is one of the oldest debt relief companies in the country. Inside their debt blog, they announced the 10 best ways to get out of high credit card debt fast, and here’s the official list:

How I got to reduce my credit card debt, and stress!

I have been reading up on credit card debt relief companies lately, because I was getting pretty stressed with the interest rates that the credit card company was charging me for some purchases that I had needed earlier this year, but was not able to pay out in cash for. It was critical at the time for me to be getting those medicines, that I couldn’t get the insurance to pay for, but in effect, that also rang up my credit card bill for a while.

I really did not anticipate that I would have to pay so much for that medicine, and I didn’t think it was fair that the credit card company was going to be charging me like an arm and a leg, just to pay off the medicine that was to help manage my stress levels better, but when my credit card bill came out the next month, I just felt even more stressed because of the high amount that I had to pay for, and I was not even liquid enough to pay for it.

Doesn’t that seem counterintuitive though? When you are stressed, you have to get medicine to help manage that stress, but the medicine can get so expensive, that you get more stressed afterwards. I admit, managing my money is not a strong suit, but I didn’t want to add that as another factor contributing to my stress!

This is why I have been researching on credit card debt relief programs, and have a list of things that I want to be looking for, to help me remove that debt, in the least painful way possible as well. I’m pretty sure that the company I chose is going to work with me closely, as we go over the potential options on how to reduce it, and how my payment plans with them will work better, than how I currently am working with the credit card company for.